Choosing – all the time

Life is one big string of choices. Every minute of every day you make choices. Big ones, small ones. Each and every one of them gives you the opportunity to show the world who you are.

For you define who you are by the choices you make. The deeds you do. The words you speak, the thoughts that you choose to stay in your conscious mind. For you cannot choose what thought pops in your mind, but you can choose which one stays there; which one keeps you occupied; which one defines what your dominant thought of the day will be.

What you speak about, think about, grows. For whatever you do, think, say, creates energy which you put into the topic you’ve chosen. Which in turn will grow.

Choose wisely. Choose for love. Love is the ONLY force capable of healing our beautiful planet, humanity, broken systems, economy, …. all of it.

YOU are responsible for what happens to humanity, for YOU can choose where you invest your beautiful human energy into.

Choose wisely.

Choose love.

Te takanawa.


Media Silence on atrocities

please be warned. if you’re a huge fan of “political correctness“, this post is not for you. get out. now.

yes. although we’re bombarded with all sorts of “breaking” news, we only get to hear & see what mainstream media is allowed to broadcast and what you’re allowed to know.

this makes me truly sad. we’re in the “no more secrets” era; we’ve stepped into a new realm of energy where connections and bonds between people across colors, ethnicity, faith, heritage, nations is growing; and still it’s considered to be “unsafe” that we, the people, may know what corporate greed is doing, what governments are doing, what ingredients our food has, what by-effects medicine has and so on.

we have a voice, let it be heard; let it be heard loud and clear

so let me share with you two current events that I consider worth while sharing; events that in my opinion the world should know about.

Standing Rock: for the first time since a very long time, over 60 Native American nations speak with one voice, stand up against a potential environmental disaster which will affect the Standing Rock people, defend their rights to have permanent access to safe and clean drinking water. their protest is peaceful, but violently countered by security staff of corporations and local and state police. although a court case is underway, bulldozers paved their way through sacred burial grounds, ignoring any courts’ outcome. it is important for the world to know that the Nations start to speak with one voice. in peace. I consider this VERY good news. of course, the topic in itself is bad news. so let’s share this important news and support them protecting their water. as a reminder, this video shows what their fighting against. #NODAPL

Snipers & playing kids: kids die while playing in the street. kids are being shot by snipers. anonymously. without an apparent reason. they haven’t been caught and brought to trial as yet. “it’s a pity, we can’t find them” are the unofficial comments… no, this is not about a favella, this is not about IS. these are Palestinian kids playing in the streets, peacefully. one by one taken out by snipers. and complete media silence. not good for publicity. wrong for image building. reports on social media last just a couple of hours before disappearing in the void. I wonder how long this blog post will last.

in this case, truly globally, almost all media is applying double standards – don’t agree? I dare you to look at it. have a read of this extract from a 2013 UNICEF report:

“The ill-treatment of [Palestinian] children who come in contact with the military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized throughout the process, from the moment of arrest until the child’s prosecution and eventual conviction and sentencing.”

we’re talking CHILDREN here. no Israelite child EVER is in touch with military rule of law. when an armored vehicle enters your playground and you swear at it, is enough reason to be arrested, abused and pass through military rulings. to me, this sounds like one of the mechanisms of a very well thought-of long term genocide. and the world is silent. and the world looks the other way. and most of this is funded by US tax payers dollars. but of course, it is politically incorrect to say it is.

let us use the sharing powers of the internet, let us use what’s left of the uncontrolled social media (if any) to surface all atrocities, regardless where they’re committed, regardless of who by.


Choosing for Love (3)

yes. Again the same title. Because it fits what’s going on in this world.

Have you noticed? We’re presented with choices all the time. And the potential impact of those choices tends to grow. Personal relationships or geo-politics alike, we humans get to make more and more important choices.

Do we choose the path of the Old Paradigm? Do we choose for uncomfortable safety because that’s what we’ve been doing for the last dozens of years? Do we choose to be numb and stick our heads in the sand? Avoiding responsibility? Again?

The most important thing to know is that we cannot make a wrong choice. We never have. We ALWAYS choose for what we judge as “the right thing to do”. For whatever reason. And we can always choose again. Whatever “the other ones” say. Because that is none of our business. It defines who they are, not you.

YOU are defined by the choices you make. If you choose to be informed, to take conscious choices, to choose for LOVE instead of FEAR, you will experience different consequences. For ALL choices have their consequences.

Do we “follow the leaders” in their messages of fear for more terror attacks or for a Brexit or a potential clamp down on your civil rights? Or do we choose for LOVE? Do we choose to join in compassion, in love and show our world and religious leaders that hate won’t work anymore in today’s society?

The ONLY true solution to today’s issues and problems is LOVE. Choosing for LOVE sets the other person in their power. It includes firmly standing in your power as well. It includes setting borders, demanding to be treated respectfully, whomever it concerns. Relatives, co-workers, politicians, law enforcers, even your own kids, etc. For the others will only treat you with respect as far as you respect your Self.

Stand in your power, choose for Love, for it’s the only answer there is. And you are forever.


Choosing for Love (2)

Yesterday, March 22nd, Brussels. I was to pick up colleagues from the airport in the morning. I was delayed and just before leaving, the news came to me “better not go”. The next thing I knew was that I was looking at horrifying images from both attacks in Brussels. The mobile phone network was down, overloaded. The government asked our citizen to stay put, don’t go out on the streets, schools were asked to shut doors and keep the kids inside.

So what do I choose? This question sprung to mind with the answer following immediately. I choose for Love. Love and compassion. And what do I see?

Ordinary people, our citizens and many international visitors with them, start creating this Love message in public. Writing it with chalk on the pavements of squares in the heart of Brussels. And my heart sings. Humanity starts to understand.

Yes, so many victims and wounded people hurts. Yes indeed. But no, the cause is too important to give in to the fear that is radiated by our government and mainstream media. The cause is freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to love the persons we choose in the way we choose to, freedom to be the persons that we want to be, freedom to take our own decisions over our own lives, our own health.

Fear, revenge or aggression will never ever solve a problem or a crisis. Solving a “problem” requires a higher consciousness than with which the problem was created in the first place. So division, separation, walls, barbed wire, ID checkpoints, reduced food supplies, fear based management & control, waterboarding, using double standards, us-vs-them based religion will only enlarge the problem instead of solving it.

What struck me most is that you can see a clear difference in the types of messages sent out by “those in power” and “those not in power”. Have a look at it yourself, the social media are loaded with them: those in power radiate fear-based and control-based messages about what happened; those “not in power” radiate compassion, love, #iwanttohelp type messages. The local language hashtag #ikwilhelpen quickly trended on social media.


It warms my heart to learn that immediately after the event, local companies started to offer help. Hotels offered their spare rooms for free, taxi drivers offered free rides to the stranded people, families offered free b&b services.

This is in huge contrast with some of the messaging spread by governments and big ego’s in charge… and no, I refuse to share these with you here. Enough of that.

I end this blog by saying a big THANK YOU to all that offered help, all that sent love and compassion, all that shared their messages of love with the world in these challenging times. Please let’s continue doing this, it has a bigger impact than we can ever imagine.

I choose LOVE, for this is the only way forward.

Choosing for Love

To everyone I know – near and far –
To all – friend and foe
To all – peaceful or hatred of heart or mind
To all I knew – in current and previous lives, throughout eons
To all indigenous – American, Maori or otherwise

I wish you for 2016 – and far beyond –
The experience of unconditional love
The experience of peace of mind and heart
Being surrounded by people who love you

I wish that the feelings you radiate may reflect back to you tenfold

I wish that you may consciously choose to radiate love instead of blindly follow and act upon the orchestrated fear messaging radiated by news, social media, religion, governments, etc

Let us all join in sharing love and respect for each other
Let us stop hiding behind fear and lies and reinstate the unity of all people as part of the plans of the Great Spirit

Te Takanawa

Ilanato Campita, aka Blue Thunder

Stand in your power

Have you noticed? What the ratio is of fear-based messaging spread via news and main stream media?

Have you noticed? How the owners of the media corporations have tightened their grip on what’s being “told to the public”?

Have you noticed? How fact-checking has become less and less important for news agencies? That politicians gladly avoid to check their “facts”?

Have you noticed? How celebrity-based news gets absurd high rankings and air-time compared to the real issues of humanity?

And what do you do about that? Sit back and enjoy? Relax and avoid to vote next time? Accept healthcare cuts, tax raises for the poor and middle-class and tax cuts for the rich? Again?

This time of year, you hear and see all sorts of wishes being spread round through all the social and legacy media. Most messages wish you love, success, health, some wealth. All very “safe” things to wish, ideas heavily sponsored by large commercial corporations, governments, and so on.


The worst that can happen to the establishment is that humans go stand in their own power. That people actually start THINKING before they spend money, cast a vote, go on holiday. For THINKING means people might start to realize that spending money is actually an act of democracy. Giving money to a company to get one of their products is VOTING YES for that company and for what it stands for. It’s a choice. A very important one.

Standing in your power and raising your awareness to do so includes being aware of who you give your money, your vote. And being INFORMED about what that company, that politician, that country, that religion stands for. In other words, why not also tune in to alternative sources of information? You, WANTING to know more? I DARE you. And then, YOU ACTING upon that in alignment with your own beliefs.

WALK YOUR TALK. Be Aware. Stand in your own power.

Be courageous enough not to let you be misguided by the messages of fear that are spread all over the internet and news channels. Understand that these are only what a small portion of the population wants you to THINK what the news actually is. For they are the ones who OWN the news channels. Corporations, governments. History is written by the victors, right?

Again, I DARE YOU to start questioning your actions, your spending, your choices. And choose again. And again. And again.

And yes, my wishes for all of you, for humanity, are that an awful lot of you start doing just that. Be more aware humans, standing in your power, walking your talk. Taking responsibility in all sorts of ways. carefully choosing what you spend money on, who you vote for. Choose what you see, what you read, what you eat. Having said this, I’d like to add that I support what Grandmother Mepi says in her end-of-year message.

And you know what? Aware humans are far more happy ones. They don’t let themselves be thrown out of their comfort zone by fearful TV news or ill-shouting politicians. They know happiness is a choice. A very conscious one.

Enjoy your choices.

Enjoy who you are.

Greece, Banks, Ego’s and People …

Ever seen a bigger parade of political ego‘s? Noticed how ego’s were at the forefront of the discussions over Greece in the media in the last few weeks?

Propaganda is the only description of what happened at all sides of “the fences”. And it still is.

Greek Flag over Lesbos

Yes, the national sport “avoiding taxes” need to be dealt with. And yes, a much more fair approach to who-pays-what-tax and its enforcement is very welcome in Greece. However, imposing strict rules that only serve to help banks (Greece’s creditors) and pay interest is not how a country and its economy can be put back on the rails.

History – have we forgotten?

Helping countries in trouble such as Greece to make their economies flourish again (and thus help their citizen) is the best way of helping ourselves, “the other countries” … Remember the Versailles treaty where Germany was put under such harsh schema that it triggered WWII? Remember that in 1953 the creditor countries (including Greece) signed a treaty to relief Germany’s debt by 50%?

The agreement significantly contributed to the growth of the post-war German economy and reemergence of Germany as a world economic power. (from Wikipedia)

The IMF, the European politicians and its state leaders should now show their leadership and skills. What you see now is they hide behind their ego to serve local national politics. What if ?…. and the only answer they want to hear is “we will get re-elected if we do this“…… whatever happens to the Greek population, whatever happens to the euro….

Sad, very sad.

I plead to relief (part of) the Greek debt now and start booking your next holiday there. Paid for locally in cash. No banks. So that their population has a better chance to survive.

Calamares Lesbos

Solidarity among them is still a true value. I experienced it myself on the isle of Lesbos in 2012. Tourism was 70% down already then and they did what they could to help each other.

Let’s focus on what we CAN do, not on what is (according to the banks) impossible…..

Suggestion: have a look at what Thom Feeney does…. how wonderful indeed !

Enjoy your summer holidays, I chose to spend my money in Greece….

Follow your heart in stead of fear

Decide how you feel about this
Decide how you feel about this

If you read a newspaper or watch news on TV or the internet, you can’t miss it…. The focus of the news agencies (or the ones who own them) is on creating fear. We don’t see that often “good news focus” on main stream news channels, who are aiming for “more clicks” or “more readers” to satisfy their owners who get paid by adverts income…..

This takes away our focus on the feelings in our own heart. I can’t deny being distracted sometimes by this wave of bad news which seems to be overtaking the media. Still, if I do focus and clean my energy field from main stream media messaging, I can truly say that my personal feeling is that “this good old earth” is doing extremely well lately. Poverty is decreasing, diseases are being countered, global violence rates are dropping, …. I can feel a steadily rising level of awareness and consciousness among fast growing parts of the global population. Fear (see here) is an illusion.

Thanks to the “connectedness” we have (grace to the internet) and the “no more secrets” attitude which is rapidly growing with the population and shared through social media, more and more people share their (positive) experiences as well. And I don’t mean just the “my cat goes crazy” shares on Facebook, but the small but “high impact” feel-good movies of people sharing and caring that get multi-million hits and likes ….

And sharing those and allowing these to warm your heart has a bigger impact than you can ever imagine. You are the ones that create your lives at this very moment. Each moment. All the time. And you get to choose what you feel about things, what you feel about what happens to you. And that feeling is what creates the future. Take the photograph below.

Sunrise or sunset ? – choose and decide what it is for you …

Choose what it means for you and decide what your feeling is about that. For this way (using your free will) you create what will cross your path tomorrow. Choose your feelings, choose for love in stead of fear. Choose for happiness, the choice is yours.


Enjoy your choices, for they make who you are.



Double Standards & Myths

Why is it that I feel uneasy while expressing my feelings about seeing that people get hurt, that children get murdered? And why is it that expressing these feelings doesn’t feel “wrong” when I express these about a different country or group of people?

I really felt uneasy about myself when I discovered that my opinion and my behavior was biased by the unilateral media coverage of the conflict in the middle-east. I strongly disagree with every form of violence, wherever it comes from. Including verbal violence. And that’s why it makes me even more angry when double standards are used and when basic human rights are violated on such mass scale by authorities that claim to be democratic.

I remember seeing a speech being given to the UN where “the right to return” was defended for one group of people and where it was denied to another group. Double standards? And the first group had no objective means to “prove” their heritage, while the second group could even show the deeds to their homes from where they were evicted and still holds the keys to their front doors. Yet, their return was non-negotiable. if you have the courage, look at this recorded speech by Miko Peled, a son of an Israeli General. He tells the story from an inside view.

Why is it that the world agrees to the use of double standards and lies – even as high up as the UN? – Maybe because this is not the first time the UN has been lied to, maybe this is because people listen more to the fear spread by politicians than listen to their own hearts, maybe because we, human beings here on earth, do not like hearing the truth.

Maybe, it is too confronting to have to hear that for the killing of one soldier in action on one side, more than 130 children had to die on “the other side” and that it sounds too “far fetched” to call this “reasonable self defense”. If we are courageous enough to be honest, we see that this ratio is not a symptom of war, it is genocide.

Gaza youth listing kids names – image courtesy of Indian Times

More and more people in this lovely world, however, are capable of seeing (!) when a lie is told. It doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to avoid lies being told, but we can expose them. We can next time vote for someone different.

Politicians are the persons we’ve voted for and they’re supposed to represent us, the people. Let’s understand very well that we DO have the power to change this society and get rid of the myths and double standards that have been created by so many politicians around the world.

The same goes for companies… every time we spend our money on a product, we actually “vote” for that company, we “endorse” what they are and what they do by giving them our money where they create their profit from. So next time, when you buy something…. consider who you buy from. Maybe another company is much more worth while your money.

Or you may just decide to buy local food and support your local economy and culture, instead of buying food that’s flown in from the middle east and produced on illegally capture land. Or think again when you want to buy your computers from a country that votes “NO” every time when the UN asks to respect international law as the ONLY country in the world …..

US votes no against respect for International law