Choosing – all the time

Life is one big string of choices. Every minute of every day you make choices. Big ones, small ones. Each and every one of them gives you the opportunity to show the world who you are.

For you define who you are by the choices you make. The deeds you do. The words you speak, the thoughts that you choose to stay in your conscious mind. For you cannot choose what thought pops in your mind, but you can choose which one stays there; which one keeps you occupied; which one defines what your dominant thought of the day will be.

What you speak about, think about, grows. For whatever you do, think, say, creates energy which you put into the topic you’ve chosen. Which in turn will grow.

Choose wisely. Choose for love. Love is the ONLY force capable of healing our beautiful planet, humanity, broken systems, economy, …. all of it.

YOU are responsible for what happens to humanity, for YOU can choose where you invest your beautiful human energy into.

Choose wisely.

Choose love.

Te takanawa.


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