Focus & Let Go

What is the world telling us now? Let’s dare to step back a bit and see without the filters of mainstream media….

The world is showing itself in the most diverse ways possible. More than ever. We now see people’s and country’s true colors. For it seems as if some of the previous predefined filters and self-censorship have evaporated.

People dare to hit the streets again. In numbers larger than what we saw in 1968. Politicians and countries dare to express and openly display their greed, sexism, racism, censorship without any respect for treaties, human rights, etc.

What does that mean? Where do we, individuals, come into this picture?

We ARE part of this picture. Everyday we make choices. Choosing for what makes us happy of for what makes us unhappy. Your choice influences all of humanity.

The choice is yours. Do you choose to be in fear? Or do you choose for love? The choice you make has its consequences far beyond yourself as an individual. This can not be underestimated.

For me, I choose to be love. I choose for the decisions that make me happy. I choose to surround me with the people that make me feel better, happy.

This choice has some important consequences. The level of awareness with which you make your choice, determines the impact it has on the rest of humanity. So, focus on awareness to make that choice and then, let go of the potential consequences of it.

Your individual choice for love impacts humanity far beyond your imagination. Leave what the world is telling you today behind you, for your individual choices are far more important.

Focus, Let Go & Enjoy Life !

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