Opening doors

Why is it that people tend to react from a “fear” point of view when something unexpected happens?

A door that closes creates room for many other doors that now can present themselves. An ability to see these new ones, choose the ones that you’d like to explore and define the one(s) you will pass through.

New doors don’t show themselves if other remain open. Something has to be closed, finished off and “archived” before new opportunities can present themselves. Your mind and heart will have to be open enough to be able to see and feel these “new doors”. Sticking to old energy patterns won’t get you anywhere new.

Sharing an unexpected “you’re out of a job now” experience makes most people focus on their own “fears”. Fear of shortage, fear of the unknown. And in that feedback, forgetting how many talents and capacities they have, what numerous possibilities there are.

For yes, there’s only one person at the steering wheel of your life: YOU. Blaming anyone else or pointing fingers are useless and counterproductive tactics. They make you hide from the real issue: taking your own responsibility. And saying thanks for whoever helped creating the circumstances in which these new doors could present themselves.

So, thank you! – Let’s explore these new doors that keep showing up and choose the ones closest to my passion! Let the fun begin, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet …


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