Let’s face our egos

ego is smart. it has a zillion ways to sneak in, it has all sorts of cloaks. but it’s also keeping us alive. it keeps us alive in this three dimensional realm of the physical world. breathing, heart beats. just two of the things that we consider a “must” in this spacesuit we’re wearing.

there’s no “good” or “bad”, there’s just labels we stick on. and our egos like sticking labels. because our egos are so much interested in what some one else thinks of us, that they’ll cross our own borders and feelings to comply.

political correctness is one of those cloaked ways egos operate. let’s face it: political correctness is always an example of the use of double standards. do we really question what media and government wants us to know through so-called unbiased mainstream media? do we allow ourselves to be confronted with a potential other truth which just may blow away all what we’ve taken for granted so far?

let’s face our egos then

let’s FEEL what our hearts tell us

let’s cross check what our minds try to trick us in to

let’s see what’s the driving force behind all those so-called “we’re protecting the population” messages. find the money ….

do we dare to do that?

are we prepared to put energy in finding uncomfortable truths?

I am.

I am for I’ve found that this makes my heart sing. living in integrity and following the heart is extremely rewarding. joy in life. playing in passion. rejuvenation. ever improving health.

yes; by facing my ego, thanking it for it’s attempts to see things the left-brain way and offering the choice to feel again and choose again.¬† choosing for the way of the heart.

thank you, ego. thank you for helping me write this blog about you.

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