Media Silence on atrocities

please be warned. if you’re a huge fan of “political correctness“, this post is not for you. get out. now.

yes. although we’re bombarded with all sorts of “breaking” news, we only get to hear & see what mainstream media is allowed to broadcast and what you’re allowed to know.

this makes me truly sad. we’re in the “no more secrets” era; we’ve stepped into a new realm of energy where connections and bonds between people across colors, ethnicity, faith, heritage, nations is growing; and still it’s considered to be “unsafe” that we, the people, may know what corporate greed is doing, what governments are doing, what ingredients our food has, what by-effects medicine has and so on.

we have a voice, let it be heard; let it be heard loud and clear

so let me share with you two current events that I consider worth while sharing; events that in my opinion the world should know about.

Standing Rock: for the first time since a very long time, over 60 Native American nations speak with one voice, stand up against a potential environmental disaster which will affect the Standing Rock people, defend their rights to have permanent access to safe and clean drinking water. their protest is peaceful, but violently countered by security staff of corporations and local and state police. although a court case is underway, bulldozers paved their way through sacred burial grounds, ignoring any courts’ outcome. it is important for the world to know that the Nations start to speak with one voice. in peace. I consider this VERY good news. of course, the topic in itself is bad news. so let’s share this important news and support them protecting their water. as a reminder, this video shows what their fighting against. #NODAPL

Snipers & playing kids: kids die while playing in the street. kids are being shot by snipers. anonymously. without an apparent reason. they haven’t been caught and brought to trial as yet. “it’s a pity, we can’t find them” are the unofficial comments… no, this is not about a favella, this is not about IS. these are Palestinian kids playing in the streets, peacefully. one by one taken out by snipers. and complete media silence. not good for publicity. wrong for image building. reports on social media last just a couple of hours before disappearing in the void. I wonder how long this blog post will last.

in this case, truly globally, almost all media is applying double standards – don’t agree? I dare you to look at it. have a read of this extract from a 2013 UNICEF report:

“The ill-treatment of [Palestinian] children who come in contact with the military detention system appears to be widespread, systematic and institutionalized throughout the process, from the moment of arrest until the child’s prosecution and eventual conviction and sentencing.”

we’re talking CHILDREN here. no Israelite child EVER is in touch with military rule of law. when an armored vehicle enters your playground and you swear at it, is enough reason to be arrested, abused and pass through military rulings. to me, this sounds like one of the mechanisms of a very well thought-of long term genocide. and the world is silent. and the world looks the other way. and most of this is funded by US tax payers dollars. but of course, it is politically incorrect to say it is.

let us use the sharing powers of the internet, let us use what’s left of the uncontrolled social media (if any) to surface all atrocities, regardless where they’re committed, regardless of who by.


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