Choosing for Love (3)

yes. Again the same title. Because it fits what’s going on in this world.

Have you noticed? We’re presented with choices all the time. And the potential impact of those choices tends to grow. Personal relationships or geo-politics alike, we humans get to make more and more important choices.

Do we choose the path of the Old Paradigm? Do we choose for uncomfortable safety because that’s what we’ve been doing for the last dozens of years? Do we choose to be numb and stick our heads in the sand? Avoiding responsibility? Again?

The most important thing to know is that we cannot make a wrong choice. We never have. We ALWAYS choose for what we judge as “the right thing to do”. For whatever reason. And we can always choose again. Whatever “the other ones” say. Because that is none of our business. It defines who they are, not you.

YOU are defined by the choices you make. If you choose to be informed, to take conscious choices, to choose for LOVE instead of FEAR, you will experience different consequences. For ALL choices have their consequences.

Do we “follow the leaders” in their messages of fear for more terror attacks or for a Brexit or a potential clamp down on your civil rights? Or do we choose for LOVE? Do we choose to join in compassion, in love and show our world and religious leaders that hate won’t work anymore in today’s society?

The ONLY true solution to today’s issues and problems is LOVE. Choosing for LOVE sets the other person in their power. It includes firmly standing in your power as well. It includes setting borders, demanding to be treated respectfully, whomever it concerns. Relatives, co-workers, politicians, law enforcers, even your own kids, etc. For the others will only treat you with respect as far as you respect your Self.

Stand in your power, choose for Love, for it’s the only answer there is. And you are forever.


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