Choosing for Love (2)

Yesterday, March 22nd, Brussels. I was to pick up colleagues from the airport in the morning. I was delayed and just before leaving, the news came to me “better not go”. The next thing I knew was that I was looking at horrifying images from both attacks in Brussels. The mobile phone network was down, overloaded. The government asked our citizen to stay put, don’t go out on the streets, schools were asked to shut doors and keep the kids inside.

So what do I choose? This question sprung to mind with the answer following immediately. I choose for Love. Love and compassion. And what do I see?

Ordinary people, our citizens and many international visitors with them, start creating this Love message in public. Writing it with chalk on the pavements of squares in the heart of Brussels. And my heart sings. Humanity starts to understand.

Yes, so many victims and wounded people hurts. Yes indeed. But no, the cause is too important to give in to the fear that is radiated by our government and mainstream media. The cause is freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom to love the persons we choose in the way we choose to, freedom to be the persons that we want to be, freedom to take our own decisions over our own lives, our own health.

Fear, revenge or aggression will never ever solve a problem or a crisis. Solving a “problem” requires a higher consciousness than with which the problem was created in the first place. So division, separation, walls, barbed wire, ID checkpoints, reduced food supplies, fear based management & control, waterboarding, using double standards, us-vs-them based religion will only enlarge the problem instead of solving it.

What struck me most is that you can see a clear difference in the types of messages sent out by “those in power” and “those not in power”. Have a look at it yourself, the social media are loaded with them: those in power radiate fear-based and control-based messages about what happened; those “not in power” radiate compassion, love, #iwanttohelp type messages. The local language hashtag #ikwilhelpen quickly trended on social media.


It warms my heart to learn that immediately after the event, local companies started to offer help. Hotels offered their spare rooms for free, taxi drivers offered free rides to the stranded people, families offered free b&b services.

This is in huge contrast with some of the messaging spread by governments and big ego’s in charge… and no, I refuse to share these with you here. Enough of that.

I end this blog by saying a big THANK YOU to all that offered help, all that sent love and compassion, all that shared their messages of love with the world in these challenging times. Please let’s continue doing this, it has a bigger impact than we can ever imagine.

I choose LOVE, for this is the only way forward.

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