Choosing for Love

To everyone I know – near and far –
To all – friend and foe
To all – peaceful or hatred of heart or mind
To all I knew – in current and previous lives, throughout eons
To all indigenous – American, Maori or otherwise

I wish you for 2016 – and far beyond –
The experience of unconditional love
The experience of peace of mind and heart
Being surrounded by people who love you

I wish that the feelings you radiate may reflect back to you tenfold

I wish that you may consciously choose to radiateĀ love instead of blindly follow and act upon the orchestrated fear messaging radiated by news, social media, religion, governments, etc

Let us all join in sharing love and respect for each other
Let us stop hiding behind fear and lies and reinstate the unity of all people as part of the plans of the Great Spirit

Te Takanawa

Ilanato Campita, aka Blue Thunder

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