Stand in your power

Have you noticed? What the ratio is of fear-based messaging spread via news and main stream media?

Have you noticed? How the owners of the media corporations have tightened their grip on what’s being “told to the public”?

Have you noticed? How fact-checking has become less and less important for news agencies? That politicians gladly avoid to check their “facts”?

Have you noticed? How celebrity-based news gets absurd high rankings and air-time compared to the real issues of humanity?

And what do you do about that? Sit back and enjoy? Relax and avoid to vote next time? Accept healthcare cuts, tax raises for the poor and middle-class and tax cuts for the rich? Again?

This time of year, you hear and see all sorts of wishes being spread round through all the social and legacy media. Most messages wish you love, success, health, some wealth. All very “safe” things to wish, ideas heavily sponsored by large commercial corporations, governments, and so on.


The worst that can happen to the establishment is that humans go stand in their own power. That people actually start THINKING before they spend money, cast a vote, go on holiday. For THINKING means people might start to realize that spending money is actually an act of democracy. Giving money to a company to get one of their products is VOTING YES for that company and for what it stands for. It’s a choice. A very important one.

Standing in your power and raising your awareness to do so includes being aware of who you give your money, your vote. And being INFORMED about what that company, that politician, that country, that religion stands for. In other words, why not also tune in to alternative sources of information? You, WANTING to know more? I DARE you. And then, YOU ACTING upon that in alignment with your own beliefs.

WALK YOUR TALK. Be Aware. Stand in your own power.

Be courageous enough not to let you be misguided by the messages of fear that are spread all over the internet and news channels. Understand that these are only what a small portion of the population wants you to THINK what the news actually is. For they are the ones who OWN the news channels. Corporations, governments. History is written by the victors, right?

Again, I DARE YOU to start questioning your actions, your spending, your choices. And choose again. And again. And again.

And yes, my wishes for all of you, for humanity, are that an awful lot of you start doing just that. Be more aware humans, standing in your power, walking your talk. Taking responsibility in all sorts of ways. carefully choosing what you spend money on, who you vote for. Choose what you see, what you read, what you eat. Having said this, I’d like to add that I support what Grandmother Mepi says in her end-of-year message.

And you know what? Aware humans are far more happy ones. They don’t let themselves be thrown out of their comfort zone by fearful TV news or ill-shouting politicians. They know happiness is a choice. A very conscious one.

Enjoy your choices.

Enjoy who you are.

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