A Conscious Choice for Joy

What do I choose? The question that pops in our brains a zillion times a day. Ham or cheese? Worries or joy? What someone else expects from me or what my heart tells me what to do?

We get bombarded with information all day long. News media, social media tell us about what happens in the world today. At least, that’s what they want you to believe…. It’s what their owners want to be “news”…. And guess what…. a lot of the messages flying around to day are about increasing the level of FEAR on this planet. Alerts of all kinds, violence all over the place, or so it seems…..

The issue is not what happens, the point is how you react to that. Join the “fear” as well? Or choose for joy, choose to live your own life in harmony and thus contribute to the ever more raising of consciousness of the humanity.

To choose for joy doesn’t mean a choice for being selfish. It’s a choice for self-first. And that is the best ever choice you can make.

Taking good care of your Self is the highest gift for your self AND for all people around you.

Choose to see different. Choose to see the love in this beautiful world.

Enjoy Life !

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