Greece, Banks, Ego’s and People …

Ever seen a bigger parade of political ego‘s? Noticed how ego’s were at the forefront of the discussions over Greece in the media in the last few weeks?

Propaganda is the only description of what happened at all sides of “the fences”. And it still is.

Greek Flag over Lesbos

Yes, the national sport “avoiding taxes” need to be dealt with. And yes, a much more fair approach to who-pays-what-tax and its enforcement is very welcome in Greece. However, imposing strict rules that only serve to help banks (Greece’s creditors) and pay interest is not how a country and its economy can be put back on the rails.

History – have we forgotten?

Helping countries in trouble such as Greece to make their economies flourish again (and thus help their citizen) is the best way of helping ourselves, “the other countries” … Remember the Versailles treaty where Germany was put under such harsh schema that it triggered WWII? Remember that in 1953 the creditor countries (including Greece) signed a treaty to relief Germany’s debt by 50%?

The agreement significantly contributed to the growth of the post-war German economy and reemergence of Germany as a world economic power. (from Wikipedia)

The IMF, the European politicians and its state leaders should now show their leadership and skills. What you see now is they hide behind their ego to serve local national politics. What if ?…. and the only answer they want to hear is “we will get re-elected if we do this“…… whatever happens to the Greek population, whatever happens to the euro….

Sad, very sad.

I plead to relief (part of) the Greek debt now and start booking your next holiday there. Paid for locally in cash. No banks. So that their population has a better chance to survive.

Calamares Lesbos

Solidarity among them is still a true value. I experienced it myself on the isle of Lesbos in 2012. Tourism was 70% down already then and they did what they could to help each other.

Let’s focus on what we CAN do, not on what is (according to the banks) impossible…..

Suggestion: have a look at what Thom Feeney does…. how wonderful indeed !

Enjoy your summer holidays, I chose to spend my money in Greece….

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