Congratulations, Schoenen Torfs

Yes indeed. This is remarkable. For the 6th time, winning the “best employer of the year” award in Belgium. My sincere congratulations to Wouter, Barbara and their whole management team !

Running a company with a mission is not just putting some extra lines of text in your annual report or on the website. Some companies think it is, but make no mistake, employees see and experience this as demotivating. And this has an impact on their performance, hence your bottom line !

A true calling radiated by the C-level which is made part of the DNA of a company delivers results. The first time I heard “your customers will be treated the way you treat your staff“, it came from Richard Branson. Now I am proud to experience that “Schoenen Torfs” has put this (and many other wonderful ideas) into practice.

I must admit, it took me some years to convince myself to enter one of their shops. I delegated buying shoes for the family to my wife. Now that I’m much closer to my kids and that I start to have a more open eye on the world, I had some wonderful experiences at the local Torfs shop nearby (yes, it involved the staff and yes, it had to do with an extreme degree of customer-friendliness), which made me decide to make that my preferred shoe-shop ….

Where I want to buy, is where you’re greeted with a smile and where your pro actively assisted, but without the typical sales-push.  Schoenen Torfs, you’ve created the right balance with your staff, WELL DONE.

Go and have a look on their website, this is a company you want to work for  (and buy your shoes at … 🙂 )

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