Follow your heart in stead of fear

Decide how you feel about this
Decide how you feel about this

If you read a newspaper or watch news on TV or the internet, you can’t miss it…. The focus of the news agencies (or the ones who own them) is on creating fear. We don’t see that often “good news focus” on main stream news channels, who are aiming for “more clicks” or “more readers” to satisfy their owners who get paid by adverts income…..

This takes away our focus on the feelings in our own heart. I can’t deny being distracted sometimes by this wave of bad news which seems to be overtaking the media. Still, if I do focus and clean my energy field from main stream media messaging, I can truly say that my personal feeling is that “this good old earth” is doing extremely well lately. Poverty is decreasing, diseases are being countered, global violence rates are dropping, …. I can feel a steadily rising level of awareness and consciousness among fast growing parts of the global population. Fear (see here) is an illusion.

Thanks to the “connectedness” we have (grace to the internet) and the “no more secrets” attitude which is rapidly growing with the population and shared through social media, more and more people share their (positive) experiences as well. And I don’t mean just the “my cat goes crazy” shares on Facebook, but the small but “high impact” feel-good movies of people sharing and caring that get multi-million hits and likes ….

And sharing those and allowing these to warm your heart has a bigger impact than you can ever imagine. You are the ones that create your lives at this very moment. Each moment. All the time. And you get to choose what you feel about things, what you feel about what happens to you. And that feeling is what creates the future. Take the photograph below.

Sunrise or sunset ? – choose and decide what it is for you …

Choose what it means for you and decide what your feeling is about that. For this way (using your free will) you create what will cross your path tomorrow. Choose your feelings, choose for love in stead of fear. Choose for happiness, the choice is yours.


Enjoy your choices, for they make who you are.



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