Perspective & Blues & Jagger

How lives can be intertwined and yet so different… I experienced this while enjoying a gig by Chris Jagger in Glastonbury last week (August, 16th, 2014)

Chris and his band were playing at The King Arthur pub and they were very obviously having fun. The music was fine, good atmosphere, very compatible with the blues numbers they played. Chris proved that evening to be a good musician, even when not really sober. I really liked what he did that evening. At the break, I had a chat with him and I realized what a difference in “distance” this was. His brother always seems like untouchable, far a way on a high security stage, surrounded my several levels security cordons. But this was down-to-earth human, friendly, a laugh, a tap on the back and fun. A nice example of enjoying life.

I stood back and recorded one of their songs, I include it here for you to watch…… sit back and enjoy some blues ….

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