Double Standards & Myths

Why is it that I feel uneasy while expressing my feelings about seeing that people get hurt, that children get murdered? And why is it that expressing these feelings doesn’t feel “wrong” when I express these about a different country or group of people?

I really felt uneasy about myself when I discovered that my opinion and my behavior was biased by the unilateral media coverage of the conflict in the middle-east. I strongly disagree with every form of violence, wherever it comes from. Including verbal violence. And that’s why it makes me even more angry when double standards are used and when basic human rights are violated on such mass scale by authorities that claim to be democratic.

I remember seeing a speech being given to the UN where “the right to return” was defended for one group of people and where it was denied to another group. Double standards? And the first group had no objective means to “prove” their heritage, while the second group could even show the deeds to their homes from where they were evicted and still holds the keys to their front doors. Yet, their return was non-negotiable. if you have the courage, look at this recorded speech by Miko Peled, a son of an Israeli General. He tells the story from an inside view.

Why is it that the world agrees to the use of double standards and lies – even as high up as the UN? – Maybe because this is not the first time the UN has been lied to, maybe this is because people listen more to the fear spread by politicians than listen to their own hearts, maybe because we, human beings here on earth, do not like hearing the truth.

Maybe, it is too confronting to have to hear that for the killing of one soldier in action on one side, more than 130 children had to die on “the other side” and that it sounds too “far fetched” to call this “reasonable self defense”. If we are courageous enough to be honest, we see that this ratio is not a symptom of war, it is genocide.

Gaza youth listing kids names – image courtesy of Indian Times

More and more people in this lovely world, however, are capable of seeing (!) when a lie is told. It doesn’t mean that we’ll be able to avoid lies being told, but we can expose them. We can next time vote for someone different.

Politicians are the persons we’ve voted for and they’re supposed to represent us, the people. Let’s understand very well that we DO have the power to change this society and get rid of the myths and double standards that have been created by so many politicians around the world.

The same goes for companies… every time we spend our money on a product, we actually “vote” for that company, we “endorse” what they are and what they do by giving them our money where they create their profit from. So next time, when you buy something…. consider who you buy from. Maybe another company is much more worth while your money.

Or you may just decide to buy local food and support your local economy and culture, instead of buying food that’s flown in from the middle east and produced on illegally capture land. Or think again when you want to buy your computers from a country that votes “NO” every time when the UN asks to respect international law as the ONLY country in the world …..

US votes no against respect for International law

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