Walk Your Talk

It’s becoming more actual than ever …..


Need this topic any further ado? It shouldn’t. But then again, it’s so obvious that we all have a blind spot in this area, don’t we? Let’s not be defensive about this.

Out of my own experience: how much times did I listen to a colleague (or even worse, a customer) without the intention to really understand what the underlying intentions, emotions, fears and concerns were? A lot, I’m afraid. Listening to someone with an answer ready prepared in the back of my head; thinking more about the answer than listening to what is being said? Listening from a point of fear? This is where things went dramatically wrong in what I did.

And then I learnt what it is to listen; to give full attention to what the other person is saying; to connect to that person on a deeper level of consciousness. And, above all, listening with the…

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