Good Things DO last forever

It’s a choice.

That was the biggest hurdle to take. Some BS’s (Belief Systems) have convinced people that good things don’t last forever. And guess what? Because you believe that (or worse, you KNOW it is true for you) it indeed becomes your reality.

So, I’ve changed my thoughts about that. Yes. it is as simple as that. Change the Thinking.

And guess what, my “old patterns”, my “BS” kicks in and tries to convince me otherwise.

So, beware of the ego. It just may take on the role of preventor of you setting this new paradigm. For a new paradigm it is. And it works. Abundance is a birth right. It’s just that we were told by people that we like that there is a lack. A lack of everything. And we turned this belief into our truth. My biggest hurdle is to change that truth into a new one. For thoughts become things.

Happy creating !



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