Enjoying Life & looking back with gratitude

3 years ago, May 2011, I shared a wonderful week in Scotland with John. He was my first employer back in 1987, and I owe him. Back in the 80’s, he learnt me a lot about real life and business. He gave me the space to make my own mistakes and learn from them.

The concept “customer” for me was still unknown. Sales was something to be “tolerated”. How far away was I from real business after I graduated as a master in applied sciences….. looking back to that period of my life I can only feel gratitude for the people that surrounded me then and who learnt me about the real world of business.

It was only by learning from experiences and picking up new things fairly quickly that success started to knock on my door. Then the new challenge came: allowing success to come in. Gracefully accepting and celebrating success.  For in the acceptance and the celebration lies the seeds for more. There’s more where that came from and as I learned by now, there is unlimited supply.

So, when my son turned 14 in 2011, it was about time to get back in touch with John. After the collapse of his business due to the first gulf war end of 1991, we lost contact. And so I did. John invited me to come and visit his stronghold up in Scotland and I decided to turn that into a birthday present for my son. It turned into a wonderful week packed with new experiences. Fishing, sailing, and yes, Scotland in all its flavors…. all new to me. And when the wind speed hit the 34 knots, safety goes first and we returned to safe harbor to enjoy an bumpy day at sea.

After a couple of years without doing too much with my camera, a first digital SLR was bought for the family and I decided to give it a good try on this trip. See if the skills were still there….. You can have a peek at the results here. Enjoy.

Front Page - 2011 - Balliemore - Scotland
The booklet that has been created from this journey to Scotland in 2011

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