Lists & their drama

Almost a “must do” this part of the year, all media have created their lists. The obligatory ones about 2013 of course. And then some that try to take an unusual angle. With yet another “list” playing in the background (the “everlasting top 2000 songs” list on a local radio station), the insight came to share some of the more unusual news topics that I’ve picked up ….

Here goes, all data available through simple Google search……:

  • crime rates are plunging (NY Times)
  • extreme poverty dropped (World Bank report)
  • record amounts donated to charities (all over the www…)
  • Overall access to basic education has risen (UN)

Yes, if you only look at main stream media news channels, it looks as if this planet only exists by the grace of (local) wars, killings, disasters, violence and so on. And the truth is that these media themselves indeed live by the grace of those “drama” news items. Because “drama” is the most human news item. It sells.

Dare to look for the underlying messages. Dare to listen to alternative news sources. Dare to understand that news is written and made by the ones who pay for it. So take a wider view. And see that our world is doing GOOD. We, humanity, are on the rise !

This is a comforting thought. Even better, it is a comforting FACT.

Enjoy your seasonal festivities, dear ones. Life is there to enjoy and we have all the reasons to do so. Just take the appropriate point of view and you’ll see why. Celebrate the feedback that you get from the people that surround you. Color your desk with lists of your most enjoyable facts and celebrations. And find out you’ll need more paper for your lists….. for life itself is there to celebrate in many many little glorious facts.

Happy 2014 and many years (& lists) after that !

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