FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

Thank you Neil Wood for this quote.

We’ve all come across this: being afraid of doing something that is a “must do” in your business.  Having to meet a complaining customer? Cold Calling as part of a sales job. Who likes thàt? Breaking through the “glass ceiling”? Who hasn’t had sweaty hands when you made that first call to a CFO of a large company? I had !

Look at it from a different angle. Fear is a lack of information in the first place. A lack of wider perception and probably an inflated (incorrect) image of that what you’re facing. Imagine an upset customer. That person has all good reasons in the world to be upset, if you look at the situation from the customers’ perspective. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. It just means that their perspective and yours are quite different. And rightfully so.

Enlarging that perspective at both ends actually means bridging that information gap. Clearing out the false evidence. And gone is the fear. Knowing that the customer does not want to harm or insult you, and realizing that he’s just defending himself against (what in his perspective is) something unfair, instantly removes fear from the equation. And removing fear clears the way for a “level” conversation about it. Leading to results.

Exchanging perspectives with the intent to enlarge them is one of the most effective fear-killers on the market. No pharmaca needed…. 🙂 Just a conscious listening mind and heart.  If you succeed in opening your heart towards that “other person”, knowing that probably they too are a loving mother or father, helps in putting the whole situation in a more wide perspective. They are in a job in which they are paid to play a certain role. They play their part, you play yours. Nothing to be afraid of.

Have fun playing that role and get rid of the False Evidence Appearing Real…..

Enjoy Life !

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