What’s your Story ?

Allow me to poke into your memory for a second and let me ask you… What were the most memorable moments when you bought something? Let me guess: when the person selling you something had a STORY to tell. And that this story made you smile. It made you feel good. That’s why you remember it so well.

Telling Stories is one of humanity’s ways to create bonds. Has been for ever… It creates bonds between people that go way beyond buying and selling.

And everyone has a Story to tell. Some of us just don’t realize that. And most of us don’t realize that their own Story is worth telling. Even worse: most “sales” people think that creating bonds (let alone telling a story) is a waste of time. I suggest they think again.

Take a moment to listen to the Story that your customer brings along. And tell your own Story.

And what IS your Story? It’s the Story of your Life. Your unique Way of Being, your experiences of Life having gone through Your Personality Filter.

That Story is part of who you are. Which means it is part of your business. And putting your business in line with who and what you are, increases your scope, your potential, your revenues. Customers will FEEL that your Being is in line with what you’re Doing. And THAT is the most powerful way of creating results.

Owning and sharing Your Story is part of being “in integrity”, being “conscious” in business.

Good Luck with Your Story. And Enjoy Life !

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