Merlin’s law in business

Just doing that extra bit …. making the customer (colleague) feel special. Agree to deliver “100” and make them get “101”. Without charging anything additional for it. Just because you want to.

The first one to speak about this was Merlin. Very simply, Merlin’s Law states that it is the expression of abundance that creates abundance. In other words, it is our actions that determine our state of abundance – it is our generosity.

Giving without the expectation to get something in return for your gift is one of the most powerful acts of creation. Wherever you apply this to. In business, in relationships, it works. The most important part is the bit about “expectation”. It is very hard (specially in business) to add value to a business deal without expecting something in return. It requires a conscious mindset, supported by all staff involved.

Imagine what this would do to you… discovering that there is a little extra that comes with what you’ve bought or ordered. And that it’s very clear that you’re not charged for that extra. For most people, this means they will feel special. And exactly this creates a lot of goodwill. And loyal customers. And recommendations. This exact feeling is what makes the difference. For instance, an unexpected little appetizer in a restaurant. A treat, isn’t it? It creates a space for you to experience abundance.

On the other hand, imagine that you would discover that the extra bit is covered by a hidden charge, or that there is an expectation hidden behind the extra…. this would instantly kill the feeling of abundance, wouldn’t it?


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