Win – Win – Win

Yes. Three Wins. The old paradigm says you need to look for a win-win situation with your customers (see Wikipedia). Well, if I say “old”, I actually mean “the previous paradigm“. For there are still those companies around that aren’t up to a win-win type of business yet…. but let’s not discuss those for the moment.

The Win-Win concept is a very good start. You make sure both you and your customer have benefit from a sale or a project. Preferably long-term Win-Win. Some ten years ago, this concept was introduced and I felt this as a good evolution, a step in the right direction.

Now it is time to take the next step. Look further, look wider. Companies that look beyond shareholder value are not looking for just a win-win deal. Because of their wider view on this world and on business, the benefit of a deal should reach beyond just customer and supplier. How about the customers’ customers? How about society? How about Humanity?

So here is a new paradigm: A Win-Win-Win deal is targeted to create benefit for a much wider scope of partners. If your customers’ clients are happy, they’ll produce more revenue for your customer and even probably at better margins. This’ll make your customer happy, won’t it? Yes Indeed. And guess what? You, the supplier, are at the root cause of that change.

When entering into projects with your customers, make sure that they understand at the highest level (CxO) what your goal is. What Win-Win-Win is and how you will incorporate that principle in your business with them. Hence creating solid foundations for long-term partnerships….and for the better of us All…

Good Luck !

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