Yesterday evening I watched the ‘Unreported World – Syrias rebel doctor’ on TV. (By Channel 4, see here). It silenced me and brought tears to my eyes. The contrast it showed is an example of the contrasts we can see everywhere in the world at the moment.

I was moved seeing the heartwarming medical doctor taking care of the cities’ remaining inhabitants and I was shocked and appalled by what the government in Syria has done to that specific city.

On one hand it made very obvious that there are still regimes and governments in this world that think they can get away with atrocities, war crimes and that have no problem with oppressing their population regardless of civilian casualties or methods. The other message was the presence and behavior of the doctor. He chooses to support the population in the most difficult circumstances, risking his life daily being far away from his safe home in England.

These two facts by itself are unfortunately nothing new. Even this contrast is of all times. However. What’s new is that there are no secrets anymore. Worldwide communication networks such as the internet and cellphones on one hand and a more and more aware population which wants this to be seen & heard throughout the world on the other hand is now giving these governments and regimes a hard time keeping their actions covered up.

And the more people see this and act on it, the more awareness this creates and the higher the chances are that their actions have an effect. The organization Avaaz provides a platform for this purpose.

So even although this blog is supposed to be about business, this affects us all. Including businesses. Do we consciously choose the products and services we buy? Do we look consciously at who’s producing these products or where they come from? Spending money with suppliers is actually agreeing with what those companies do and stand for. So we CAN consciously choose what to support with our money. Hence, avoiding to spend money with companies, organisations, regimes that we don’t support. In this case, a foreign government for example, we can choose to put our own savings in a bank that explicitly states they will NOT provide loans to or do business with that government.

To do this, we need transparency. So this is also a question for our politicians. PLEASE create legislation that imposes complete transparency on all financial transactions. Worldwide. All the time. Companies, governments, people. So we, the people of this planet, can choose. We have the right to know.

Yes we do.

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