The speed of the masses

Thank you Internet, Facebook, Bloggers. Thank you.

Transparency is key and the internet provides a wonderful and very high speed platform to create this transparency.

Look at what is happening with Monsanto. The way they have organised their business with GMO patented seeds has recently been subject to public outcry. (example) This coming weekend, an estimated 2 000 000 (!) people at least will be participating in protest rally’s against Monsanto in major cities around the world. A huge non-violent movement that cannot be ignored anymore. With only just a few weeks of publicity and networking, this result is a “sign of the times” that all companies should be very well aware of.

The public has become very sensitive to practices that do not fit perceived core human values. And this very same public has now tools to make this sensitivity very clear to a huge audience. Avaaz is one of those vehicles that supports this.

Another example: the Bangladesh textile factory drama. Never before in history were large corporations prepared to sign a global agreement which will impact their geo-strategic planning (and maybe even their business model) on such short notice.

The list goes on and on. Yesterday, Apple was questioned by the US senate about the taxes they pay (or don’t pay). And specifically this example unveils that our governments (for decades) have allowed legislation to pass in parliament that permits companies legally to avoid paying taxes where they should do.

The next step is that this very same public starts questioning these very same governments. Putting pressure on them to change legislation. (example) The governments of today may well be a bit too slow for this speed of the masses with which the public outcry can be produced about them.

We’ll see. Hopefully our company and governments leaders realize that the public has more and more tools available to make them take their “purchasing power decisions” in a much more conscious way. Buying products from companies that you agree with becomes more and more easy. Look at the Buycott app. A marvel, highly recommended. My prediction is that tools like this will become the biggest pain in the a*** for corporations and governments that have shareholder value, greed and dodgy practices as their main focus.

Let’s turn every cent we spend into a conscious decision first.

You have more power than you can imagine.

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