Taking Your Best Decisions

Welcome to doubt. It’s one of the most human experiences we have. Taking a decision for your business or your private life is what you do the whole day. Small decisions, large ones. And some may affect the lives of a lot of people. So, being the professional business person that you are, you want to take the best possible decision. And how do you do that? Well, I often doubt.

Most of us take decisions using the left side of the brain. And often, that side only. Moreover, most of our decisions are taken even without consideration. Worse, even without any thought. As part of us, Humans, being driven (for 95% of what we do) by unconscious actions. Autopilot.

And this autopilot uses past experiences, past emotions as its criteria to decide. In my opinion, these are not the best decisions you can take. For they often do not consider the circumstances as they are, but what our ego makes of them. Inflates or deflates or deforms them.

We are not trained to make decisions. Schools don’t teach us how to do that. On the contrary. Conscious decisions bring about taking responsibility for our decisions. And our ego hasn’t been thought to deal with that. Eckhart Tolle talks about this.

So here’s my suggestion: take one step up in consciousness and observe your Self taking decisions. Every decision. The fact that you just observe the decision (whatever it is) will open up your consciousness a bit further and it will instantly make your brain evaluate the decision you take. Even if it is for just a fraction of a second. The observation will make you aware. And being aware changes the basis of your decisions to a more wide perspective.

Guess what: at this point your right brain kicks in. And that will connect you to your higher consciousness, which will instantly provide you with a “gut feeling” about the decision which helps you take that decision. For your right brain will use only one criteria to decide if the decision is OK for you or not: “Does this decision make me feel happier than the other decision?

And whatever the decision is about, a large one or a small one: your true feelings never lie. Listen to what your heart and soul have to say about the decisions you are about to take and you will take far much better decisions than ever before.

From the heart,


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