Embracing Change

We’d better get used to it. Change that is. For Life IS Change. In all its aspects.
It’s in the nature of us, Humans, to resist change. This step in the unknown (which change is, actually) causes fear. And fear cannot exist where knowledge is present. Fear is based on a lack of knowledge. A lack of love.
Nature, Life, is always in motion. It changes all the time. And survives because of its ability to change, to adapt to the ever- changing circumstances.
Being able to smoothly adapt to changing circumstances is an asset which proves to be very valuable for businesses.
Forget being in the same job doing the same thing year in year out. This old style energy doesn’t fit the current era anymore. It won’t last long.
Flexible teams survive longer and perform better than the ones that don’t like (and resist) change.
Some forward-thinking companies, specifically in retail, have knowledge of these concepts and organize their stores based on flexible teams where the team members execute all the different tasks to be done in the store. As well being cashier as refilling as cleaning… Would it be a coincidence that these retailers perform consistently better than their peers in the market? I don’t think so.

Being flexible is loving Life. And Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. That’s where the change starts. And the fun.

What you resist, persist. Certainly where change is involved. So focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want. If you succeed in embracing change, you’ll be much more capable of influencing that change. For the better. Be in the driver’s seat. And why not: BE the change.


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