Mindful Businesses and “Delayed Coffee”

An article just flew by on Facebook titled “The Riddle of the Delayed Coffee“. What a surprise! And what a beautiful example. It all started off in Naples, Italy, where a lot of pubs allow you to order a “Delayed Coffee”, besides what you need. So, for instance, four gentlemen come in and order four normal coffees and two delayed ones. Some hours later, a homeless person enters the pub and and asks: “any delayed coffee available?”. He gets a coffee, without having to pay for it.

The original article unfortunately is in dutch, but I still want to share it with you. See here. Apparently, shortly after publication of this article in the dutch press, some pubs in The Netherlands decided to go along with this idea as well.

It is a wonderful concept of sharing and taking care of people in need, however small the contribution may seem.

More and more companies abandon the habit of giving presents to their customers at year end and prefer to spend that budget for local charities, UNICEF or alike. Making a firm statement to their customers.

Reading such articles warms my heart. How about You?

Enjoy your Easter holidays !

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