Mindfulness and Business

Thanks very much Arianna Huffington.  I read her post about Mindfulness and its impact on America’s Corporate Bottom Line. (see here) I am grateful for her insights and examples, for they are an illustration of what the next paradigm in business looks like. Corporations are slowly, one by one, realizing that they have to take care better of their most important asset: their staff.

The companies that do so already (Colruyt in Belgium just to name one) have a higher success rate than their competitors in the market. Only a week ago, a blog post by Richard Branson came flying by on Facebook where he says “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers“. And right he is. The art is to find the balance. After all, you’ve got a business to run and you’ve got suppliers and staff to pay at the end of the month.

A sales person who has a sense of well-being and an above average self-esteem will produce a better result for his company. And because this person spends a large proportion of his time being awake doing things for your company, you (as an employer) can have a huge impact.

How? Do all companies now have to start building their own yoga or meditation room in the back of the building or in the basement somewhere? No. It starts by breaking down the virtual (old school rules-based) walls, getting rid of the cubicle mentality with the management, giving proper attention to the staff, consciously listening to staff, wanting to understand what their real problems are. And, by walking your talk. By being a leader who recognizes his own mistakes, by simply being human.

Admitted, it may sound too easy (or even too difficult) at first glance. But there’s hope. Guidance and management assistance is available to guide you through this process. To help you grow your organisation into a Conscious Corporation. Starting at the very top.

Welcome. Join the new paradigm which will lead to better companies, happier staff, better products, happier customers.

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One thought on “Mindfulness and Business

  1. The power of an individual being heard and acknowledged is enormous in every walk of life. The opposite is also true; I see the disempowerment of dyslexic children in schools when they are neither heard nor understood. It’s beautiful to see them shine when they are heard.


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