Business allergies

As much as most CFO’s are allergic to the word “chakra”, a lot of spiritual people have grown alienated from good business practices. Nothing “wrong” with businesses of course (as they would say), but please Not In My Back Yard…

However strong most spiritual people preach about equality, not being judgmental, respecting other people, abundance, being all one, there seems to be a blind spot for practicing this when it comes down to being part of a business. All of a sudden, these very valuable principles (and I agree with those) don’t seem to matter much anymore when it comes down to applying these to markets, business plans, communications, colleagues and (forgive me the word dear healers and master-teachers)customers“.

In businesses with “common sense”, there is a “holy principle” which says: we are all customers from each other. Indeed. Colleagues are each others’ customers. What we do to our customers, will have an effect on our business, on ourselves. What we do to our colleagues, will reflect on our selves and on the business we’re in. Being judgmental, prejudiced, I own the truth, bully-like behavior is not tolerated anymore in companies that honor their employees as their most valuable asset. And right they are. Only this morning, I saw a Facebook picture flying by (signed Richard Branson) that said “Customers will be treated the same way that business treats its staff“. Yes Indeed. Thank You Richard.

So why is it then that some spiritual people out there tend to ignore those principles when it comes down to business? Is it because the old Belief Systems make them still think business is “not ok”? Earning money is not part of a higher consciousness? Or is it because it touches the “money” subject, which (let’s admit it) for most of us is a sensitive topic?

Some of the business people that I know who have made spirituality as their “source” of income still struggle with the concept of abundance. They hold on to old patterns, old ideas, old behavior that was successful in the past, but that doesn’t fit the changed concept of “customer” in 2013 anymore. I see fear in their eyes when the need is there to address new markets and hence adapting the existing product wrapping and marketing. “What will my existing customers say?” “I might lose one or two customers when I change”

When those businesses grow, they do so up until the level where the organisation faces capacity problems. The famous “growing pains”…. Delegating responsibilities is very hard, for it (in their perception) may influence the “content” of their core products…. This is where “co-creation” comes in. Allowing an organisation to grow and enjoy and welcome the co-creations is far more successful than focusing stringently on purity of the original messaging and its wrapping or marketing. Losing one or two customers in order to win a couple of hundred additional ones…., what would the choice then be? And why?

Business dynamics are valid for any business. Commercial, spiritual, small, large, focused, general, non-profit. No exceptions. And funny enough the businesses that integrate higher consciousness principles as part of their DNA are more successful than comparable businesses in the same market segments that do not. Makes one think if the core product of your business is spirituality, doesn’t it?

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