Business is about adaptation

A lot of business these days is being done over the internet. Ten, fifteen years ago, the internet was not used to trade with consumers. That’s a major change in business model. Nowadays a lot of businesses, small and large, trade solely through an internet portal. They have no physical shops anymore. Ever heard of Zalando or Amazon? Yep. Big successes.

Not being able to adapt to the always-new ever-changing market is sure to grind your business to a halt. A small change such as a new competitor arriving in the same market segment may have serious consequences. And the solution to such a problem (to any problem as far as I am concerned) is based on adaptability. Your ability to adapt, to change. Your ability to question your Self and look at your Self through the eyes of someone else. And gracefully accepting that New Perspective.

Getting comfortable with change is a challenge for most people. For change means new things, unknown things. And the only basis of fear is a lack of knowledge. Fear of the unknown.

Being able to embrace change is a highly valued quality and talent of most successful business leaders. And not only changes in circumstances, also changes in people. Imagine that you want to expand your activities abroad. And suppose you find a team in another country that is enthusiastic about what you do and they propose to sell and market your products in their local country. Are you then ready to accept the differences in approach, based on the local culture? Are you ready to listen to what experienced professionals have to say about your own approach that may not work overseas? Or do you want to hold on to old methods that “always have worked” and force your local specialists into a culture and methods that are not theirs?

Being ready to listen to and to adapt your own way of working to such a co-operation is a very valuable asset. Going overseas by yourself might work, but it will produce much more success when teaming up with a local team and empowering that team to dance in their passion. And adopt a co-creators approach… you’ll be surprised what that can bring and how much you can learn from that…. apart from higher revenues.

Adapt to changes, my dear readers, and that will bring you more joy at work, more joy in Life.  Enjoy it.

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