Walk Your Talk

Need this topic any further ado? It shouldn’t. But then again, it’s so obvious that we all have a blind spot in this area, don’t we? Let’s not be defensive about this.

Out of my own experience: how much times did I listen to a colleague (or even worse, a customer) without the intention to really understand what the underlying intentions, emotions, fears and concerns were? A lot, I’m afraid. Listening to someone with an answer ready prepared in the back of my head; thinking more about the answer than listening to what is being said? Listening from a point of fear? This is where things went dramatically wrong in what I did.

And then I learnt what it is to listen; to give full attention to what the other person is saying; to connect to that person on a deeper level of consciousness. And, above all, listening with the heart. This changes the whole paradigm. And to my surprise, things started to go much more smoothly in conversations, problems lasted much shorter and customers and colleagues turned up with solutions for the actual problems themselves. And even better: I got very successful in my job as a sales.

We all have our uniqueness, our valuable experience, our qualities and talents. We express ourselves through what we think, speak, do. And the more these three are in line with each other, the more powerful our message is. Walking our talk is how we become successful. No matter what that talk is.

Businesses that align their mission statements with how they do that and how they treat their staff, will be more successful.

And this is even more true for people and businesses that radiate ideas & thoughts. I am someone who firmly believes in the power of conscious listening. I radiate that message, I tell that to everyone. And when I then discover that I sometimes still fail in doing so, that frustrates me. Because I believe that I should walk my talk. Yes, I accept that I’m not perfect. (worth another blog or two… 🙂 ) And yes let’s make fun while making all those human mistakes.

And that’s where another frustration comes in. (yes I have plenty…) Frustration (and even anger) about people that advocate respectful behavior but don’t behave so themselves. Organisations (such as religions) that “spread the word” but that thrive on prejudice and don’t allow others to shine or that put their visions and thoughts above those of others. …. No Thank You. Not In My Back Yard….

This sort of behavior can be found everywhere, but frustrates me the most with people and organisations being proud of themselves as being very spiritual but at the same time acting from fear and prejudice. Still mirroring them from the heart is for me one of the most difficult challenges. But it’s worth while. For I know how beautiful they are and regardless of my own frustrations, I want to Walk My Talk.

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