The Next Step – an ego balance

Wait a minute… this is amazing…. less than 48 hours live, and this newly started blog already had visitors from 11 countries including Australia, Columbia, Turkey…. I’m impressed and flattered. Thank you.

Now this provides me instantly with a good topic for my “Next Step”. The balancing of my ego. With that I mean: let’s not get carried away by numbers and statistics (although my left brain LOVES that…) and stay close to my Self.

Here’s my guess: If I wouldn’t have an ego, I wouldn’t be writing a blog. I would hide in a cave and never show myself or share my ideas. Who am I anyway that I have the arrogance to pretend I have something to say …. so, my conclusion is: I Need some sort of ego to help me in sharing my thoughts, experiences, visions with you.

If my ego would take over completely, be in charge, then this blog be written from the point of view that I own the truth. That you have to listen to me because it’s me. That my truth is “better” than yours. Nothing can be further away from the truth than this. That would be what I call “arrogance“. I only know my own truth, I only have my own experiences, and please don’t believe anything I say, because I said it. I’m making it all up, you know. If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. I’m sharing my own truth because I like to do that, I don’t pretend to hold your truth.

This concept is very much true in business as well. Clearly stating who you are and what you can do, requires you to honor your ego. (again, this is only my own truth…) Heineken hasn’t become the best known beer brand globally if their ego wouldn’t have pushed them far beyond the Dutch borders. Although they won’t ever make it in the top ten ranking of best beers in the world, will they? When building a relationship with your employees, customers and suppliers, it very much helps you in being proud of who you are. And radiating that proud. Using modern marketing techniques, social media, traditional billboard marketing, whatever, but foremost by feeling that proud and living it….

For balancing the ego in business also means that you’re not holding the only truth. Neither is your customer. Customers that are mad at you do so for a very good reason. Their reason will be a perfect fit within their personal framework of thinking, from their own perspective. You have a different perspective. Not a better one, not a worse one. A different one. So how go about this? What to do with this apparent contradiction?

Enlarge the framework, enlarge the truths. What helps is to see that business partner from a different perspective. To provide a respectful space and platform to let them communicate their concerns. Listen to them from the heart and not from the head. From my experience, creating this space sparks creative and out-of-the box thinking, which in most cases triggers win-win solutions to the issues they may have risen.

Mind you, being respectful does also mean having that respect for your Self. Allowing your Self to be bullied is showing a lack of respect to who You are. Creating a space for the other person to express their feelings includes clearly setting your own borders on how you want to be addressed. Having respect for your Self, creates respect by others towards you.

For what you radiate comes back. Tenfold.

Enjoy your day. Have a Smile.

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