Here goes …

Well, it took me some time to convince myself to start writing a blog. In fact, the convincing part was more about me believing what I was told. About gracefully accepting the compliments that were given to me during all these projects and conversations with business leaders over the last decade…and then getting me to put some action behind the ideas…

Recognize that theme? Accepting compliments and doing something with them? There’s enough material there for a separate blog on personal growth… 🙂

So where to start? Mmmm, let’s start with an outline. I’ll put this topic in a larger perspective first. How many businesses are out there that feel very comfortable when confronted with  spiritual terminology while doing business with them? Most of them have strong allergies when hearing “woo woo” like terminology. And right they are. Ever used the word “chakra” in a conversation with a CFO? 🙂 However, when carefully translating the essence of that messaging into the “corporate language” that these businesses are used to, it changes the whole ball game. Even better, when not only translated, but put into practice and lived by, that makes a world of difference.

So, this blog is about this wonderful contrast. It will share the successes and the failures I had on this lengthy path of personal and professional growth. And the main reason for me to start putting this into a blog is the success that this approach brought to me. The success it is still bringing to me, in an ever increasing pace. And the desire to share this with the rest of the world. For shared knowledge is more knowledge. For what I radiate, multiplies. And because I love this beautiful planet.

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